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Islamic Monuments in Cairo: The Practical Guide

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Caroline Williams






1. Historical Summary and Chronology


2. Architectural and Ornamental Summary


3. The Island of Roda and Old Cairo


4. The Mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun and Sharia Saliba


5. The Madrasa of Sultan Hasan and Bab al-Wazir


6. From the Mosque of Sultan Hasan to Bab Zuwayla (Darb al-Ahmar)


7. Bab Zuwayla to Sharia Saliba


8. The Southern Cemetery


9. Sharia Port Said-On and Off


10. Bab Zuwayla to the Mosque of al-Azhar


11. Al-Azhar Square to Bab al-Futuh and Back


12. The Citadel


13. The Northern Cemetery


14. Al-Husayniya and the Mosque of Baybars I