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Islamic Perspectives on Science: Knowledge and Responsibility

by Tughra
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Ali Unal (editor)


For centuries, religious thought has been accused of being dogmatic, old-fashioned, false, irrational, and thus unscientific. The Western experience of the Middle Ages — which is often referred to as the "Dark Ages" – has haunted doubting minds, for such people associate everything that is "dark" with the institutionalised religious thought that was prevalent in the West at that time, which had long before been snatched away from its authentic nature. Nevertheless, while Europe was suffering under dogmatic suppression, the Islamic world, which stretched from Central Asia to Spain, was shining with a wondrous human civilization, illuminated by science and learning. Having blindfolded themselves to this historical reality and ignoring the divine truths of the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet, many today argue the existence of an illusionary contention between Islam and science, and they deny the truth of one in favour of the other.


Islamic Perspectives on Science is a collection of essays by Muslim scholars and aims to unveil the reality that Islam is a religion which encourages and supports scientific research. The contributors offer extensive historical and doctrinal evidence that reveal the harmony between Islam and positive sciences; the former is the light of hearts, the latter that of the mind.