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Islamic Theological Themes: A Primary Source Reader

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John Renard




Compiled from chronologically and geographically wide-arranging primary sources, Islamic Theological Themes is a comprehensive anthology of foundational Islamic sacred texts in translation. The volume includes rare and never-before-translated selections, all situated and introduced with a view to opening doors onto the larger world of Islamic life, belief, and culture. Through his presentations of a range of materials - from pretheological scriptures to practical guides on governance and ethics - John Renard broadens our concepts of “Islamic theology”, locating Islamic theological literature within the context of the emerging sub discipline of relational or comparative theology. Divided into five parts, this collection serves as an invaluable tool for students and scholars.




Part One - The Science of Interpretation: Reading the Sacred Sources

1. Qur’an and Hadith

2. Interpreting the Sacred Sources


Part Two - The Science of Community: Mapping the Boundaries of True Belief

3. Muslim Awareness of Other Religious Communities

4. Creed and Polemic


Part Three - The Science of Divine Unity: Schools and Themes in Systematic Theology

5. Theological Schools and Principles

6. Major Themes in Systematic Theology


Part Four - The Science of Hearts: Spirituality and Literature

7. Knowledge and the Spiritual Quest