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The Islamic Worldview

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Masudul Alam Choudhury




The quest for a systematic unity of the universe in all of its manifestations is a common topic in Western thought. In this book the author shows what Islam can bring to this field of human enquiry. Defining a paradigm of Islamic political economy and world systems, he presents a study of epistemology in the light of general systems derived from the Qur'anic premise.


1: General Perspectives: The Worldviews Of Islam And The Occident


2: The Our’anic Worldview In The Sciences


3: The Our’anic Model Of Knowledge: The Interactive, Integrative And Evolutionary Process


4: Comparative Political Economy: Islam And The Occident


5: Islamic Political Economy, A Critique Of Islamic Economics


6: Knowledge And Interactions In Political Economy And Economic Theory


7: Complementarity In The Our’anic Ecological Model


8: Decision-Making In Islamic Political Economy


9: Islamic Consumption, Production And Distributional Menus


10: Contrasting Models Of Knowledge And ‘De-Knowledge’


11: Conclusion