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Islam in America

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Jonathan Curiel




‘Finally, an ethically disinterested observer’s clear, concise, and comprehensive survey of the American Muslim community.’ - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf




1. Slavery and the Struggle to Maintain Belief: American Islam, 1619-1865


2. ‘White Muslims’ Change the Face of a Faith: American Islam, 1890-1910


3. Islam Becomes a Religion of the Nation: American Islam, 1920-1965


4. Islam Establishes an Identity Far Beyond the Mosque: American Islam, 1965-2010


5. The Shock of 9/11: Crisis and Confidence for Muslim-Americans


6. The Diversity of American Muslims: A Religious, Ethnic, and Cultural Profile


7. Who’s Who in Muslim America


8. Gender and Religion: How ‘Feminist Islam’ Has Taken Root and Flourished in America


9. In Politics, Muslim-Americas Progress One Step at a Time


10. Conflicts and Co-Existence: The American Dream in the Twenty-First Century