Islam, the Faith of Love and Happiness

Haidar Bagir






1. Happiness as the Highest Goal

2. What is Happiness?

3. Happiness is a Matter of Meaning

4. Doing what is beautiful (Ihsan) 

5. Conclusion (1): How to Achieve Happiness?

6. Conclusion (2): Humans were Born to be Happy

7. Human Life: A Journey of Love

8. What is Love?

9. Allah the Lover 

10. All Things are Signs of Love

11. Allah’s Love, Human Love

12. Muhammad (s.a.w.), the Prophet of Love

13. Ties of Human Love 

14. Marriage as a test of Ihsan

15. The Sanctity of Fitrah

16. Coming Closer to Allah

17. Becoming Accustomed to Dhikr Allah (Remembrance of Allah)

18. Manifesting Allah’s Attributes

19. Developing Contentment (Rida) [I]

20. Developing Contentment (Rida) [II]

21. Being Grateful and Patient in Facing His Trails

22. Actualizing Noble Character Traits

23. Spreading Righteous Deeds

24. Subduing Egoism

25. Overcoming Our Addiction to Wealth

26. Towards a Life of Charity

27. Turning Work into Passion