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Istanbul: An Islamic History Guide

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Dr Muhammad Wajid Akhter
Paperback, 312 pages


Experiencing a city without knowing the history is like watching a blockbuster movie without a story — all sets and visuals, but devoid of dialogue, plot, and drama. We are travelling more than ever, but the story telling has not kept up. An amazing city like Istanbul becomes just another mosque, another palace and yet another sultan.


This book aims to bring to life the stories behind the locations. Each story is accompanied by a lesson that can be applied to our lives. Why does a chain hang over the entrance to the Blue Mosque? Why do the chandeliers of Grand Mosques often have an ostrich egg at their centre? Who was Fatih and what made him special? This is a guidebook that prioritises the history of the locations and lessons we can learn from the past.


If you want to experience Istanbul in a way that is a feast for the heart and mind as much as it is for the eyes and stomach, read on.