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Precious Meanings and Attainment of Hopes Vol. 1

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Al-Khalifah Ali Harazim

Talut Sulaiman, translation




Jawahir al-Ma'ani wa Bulugh al-Amani fi Fayd Abu al-'Abbas al-Tijani

From the Outpourings of Sidi Abu al-'Abbas al-Tijani


This work intends to bring a better understanding about the life, mission and mandate of the Hidden Seal of Muhammadan Sainthood, Mawlaana Sidi Abu al-Abbas, Shaykh Ahmad at-Tijani as-Sharriff.


This translation of the Jawaahir is important because it opens the door of understanding for the English speaking world, into the life and stations of Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani. It is the first of six volumes that was written in the presence of Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani himself, by his Khalifa, Sidi Ali Harazim.



Section One

1.1 General Information about Him, His Birth, His Parents, His Lineage and His Close Relatives

1.2 On His Upbringing, His Setting Out on the Path and His Efforts

1.3 On His Taking the Path of Guidance and Direction


Section Two

2.1 On His Noble Qualities, His Spiritual States, His Station and His Completeness

2.2 On His Emulation of the Prophetic Way, and a Description of Some of His High Conduct and His Beautiful Interaction with His Brothers and Loved Ones


Section Three

3.1 On His Knowledge, His Generosity, His Munificence, His Nobility, and His Faithfulness

3.2 On His Fear of Allah, His Patience, His High Aspirations, His Scrupulousness, His Asceticism, His Spiritual Counsel, and His Independence

3.3 His Guiding to Allah, His Gathering People in His Way, and His Leading People to Him by His Words and Spiritual State


Section Four

4.1 On His Litanies and Their Arrangement, His Path, and His Followers

4.2 On the Benefit of His Litany and the Description and Condition of the True Disciple

4.3 On the True Shaykh and the Method of the Spiritual Concert and Its People. On His Daily and Nightly Recitations and the Different Supplications That Allah Caused to Flow Upon His Tongue