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Jibreel Stories

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Sultan-Ul-Waizeen Maulana Abul Noor Muhammad Bashir

Shahid Hussain (tr.)




Jibreel Stories is the first English translation of Jibreel ki Hikaayat, a unique collection of eighteen stories related the leader of the angels, Jibreel. As the bringer of revelation (wahy) from Allah to all prophets and messengers, Jibreel is a key character in Muslim belief. Maulana Muhammad Bashir provides a thorough analysis of each story (which have been taken from the Quran and Ahadith), highlighting key lessons to be learnt from it. The author takes the reader on a fascinating journey, exploring themes such as the teachings of Islam, the excellence of the Prophet ﷺ and the true doctrines of the Ahl al-Sunna.




Durud Taaj

Why was Jibreel (a.s.) created?

1. Jibreel’s (a.s.) age

2. Khaleel and Jibreel (a.s.)

3. The dust of Jibreel’s (a.s.) horse

4. Jibreel’s (a.s.) enquiry

5. Jibreel’s (a.s.) speed

6. Jibreel (a.s.) and Mary

7. The Hadith of Jibreel (a.s.)

8. Jibreel (a.s.), the Prophet’s (p.b.u.h.) Wazir (Minister)

9. Jibreel (a.s.), the Prophet’s (p.b.u.h.) soldier

10. Jibreel (a.s.) and the accursed Abu Jahl

11. Jibreel (a.s.) and the green silk suit

12. Sayyiduna Ali and Jibreel (a.s.)

13. Jibreel (a.s.), Mikaeel and the camel

14. Jibreel (a.s.) and the martyrdom news of Imam Hussain

15. Jibreel’s (a.s.) Observation

16. Jibreel’s (a.s.) request

17. Jibreel (a.s.) and the angel of death

18. Jibreel’s (a.s.) glad tidings