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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Juz 'Amma: Surah an-Nas to Surah an-Naba'

by Iqra
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Dr Abdullah Ghazi





- Large Arabic Font

- Simple Translation

- Basic Explanation (Tafsir)

- Highlighted Most Sighted Qur’an Vocabulary

- Teacher Tools


This work contains all the surahs from An-Naba’ to An-Nas, along with Surah al-Fatihah.


This revised full-colour textbook has been compiled in collaboration with experienced Qur’an teachers, school administrators, and Islamic studies specialists.


There are fifty structured lessons covering the 37 surahs of the 30th juz. Each lesson has been carefully crafted to ease the memorisation and understanding of the surahs. Lessons begin with a short background of the Sarah (asbab un-nuzul) and present a simplified English translation and meaning to help new learners comprehend each verse. There is transliteration to assist beginning readers. Lessons end with a review section and a word-by-word vocabulary of the Arabic text. This unique approach to studying Juz ‘Amma is ideal for classroom settings or individual study.