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Kashful Mahjub Unveiling the Veiled

by ASN
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Syed Ali bin Uthman al-Hujweri




The Earliest Persian Treatise on Sufism


Translation with Special Commentary by Maulana Wahid Bakhsh Rabbani


Kashful Mahjub, originally in Persian, was written at the request of a student of Sufism at the time, who had asked the shaikh to compile a comprehensive study on tasawwuf (Sufism) as a guide for spiritual aspirants. Although al-Hujweri was a master in the science of Islamic scholasticism and his judgements based on logic, the conclusions he arrives at are the result of his deep spiritual experience, where he shows the absence of any conflict between real Sufism and Islamic Shariah.


Starting from the life of the Prophet’s brimful experience of Divine nearness, Presence, Union and Communion, this book describes the spiritual experiences of the Companions of the Prophet, Companions of the Companions (tabi’in), their Companions (taba-tabi’in), and the Imams (heads) of the four schools of Islamic law (Ahli-Sunnah-wal-Jama’ah), showing in truth, “when Sufism was made to leave Islam”, and that is not the so called question of “when Sufism ‘entered’ Islam”. This book also explains the various aspects of Sufism in a thorough yet simple manner.



1: The Importance of Knowledge in Islam

2: Dervishhood (Faqr)

3: About Tasawwuf (Sufism)

4: Wearing of Patched Garments

5: Difference Between Faqr (Dervishhood) and Safwat (Purity)

6: Self-Abasement (Malamat)

7: Leading Companions of the Prophet (s.a.w)

8: The Imams of the House of the Prophet (s.a.w)

9: Companions of the Verandah (Suffah)

10: Followers of the Companions (Tabi’in)

11: Companions of the Followers of the Companions

12: About the Sufis of Modern Times

13: Contemporary Sufis

14: Differences of Opinion Among Sufi Orders

15: Lifting of the First Veil: Regarding Ma’rifat of Allah (Gnosis)

16: Lifting of the Second Veil: Regarding Tauhid (Oneness or Monotheism)

17: Lifting of the Third Veil: Regarding Iman (Faith)

18: Lifting of the Fourth Veil: Regarding Purification (Taharat)

19: Repentance and its Implications

20: Lifting of the Fifth Veil: Regarding Salat (Prayer)

21: Love and Matters Connected With It

22: Lifting of the Sixth Veil: Regarding Zakat (Compulsory Tax for the Poor)

23: Lifting of the Seventh Veil: On Fasting (as-Sawm)

24: Lifting of the Eighth Veil: On The Pilgrimage (Hajj)

25: Lifting of the Ninth Veil: On Companionship and Allied Topics

26: On the Lifting of the Tenth Veil: Concerning Sufi Phraseology and Definitions of their Terms and Variety of Spiritual Experiences, Secrets and Mysteries

27: Lifting of the Eleventh Veil: On Samaa’ (Spiritual Music)