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Khadija: The First Muslim and the Wife of the Prophet Muhammad

by Tughra
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Resit Haylamaz




Exploring the gestation period of Islam, this biography focuses on the exceptional life story of one of the four greatest women of all time, one who wholeheartedly proclaimed her submission to the Divine message delivered through Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

Khadija al-Kubra stands out in history not only as the first person to declare her faith in Islam but also as the strongest advocate and confidante of the Prophet, and an individual who was a constant source of help to the early Muslim community.

Addressing her unparalleled devotion to the message of the Prophet, this book shines light on a figure who is an ideal role model for all men and women, Muslim and non-Muslim alike




A Noble Family


Sister of the Sacred House


Sons of Tahira


Divine Direction


Trip to Damascus


The Wedding


The Household


A Home Full of Peace


Fruits of the Blessed Marriage


Coming of the Archangel


The First Revelation


Exchanges with the Angel


The Pioneer of Struggle


The Boycott


The Farewell


Undying Loyalty