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Orders made during the CNY period will face delays due to the long public holiday.
Orders made during the CNY period will face delays due to the long public holiday.

Knowledge, Language, Thought and Civilization of Islam

by UTM
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Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud, Muhammad Zainiy Uthman




Essays in Honour of Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas



Al-Attas: A Real Reformer and Thinker

| Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud


Re-Islamising the World

| Ali Alawi



| Omar Jah


Shifts in Knowledge and Turns in Worldview: Naquib al-Attas' Perspective

| Ahmad Kazemi Moussavi


Reflections of asl-Attas' Conception of the Islamic University

| Yusef Waghid


The Negotiation of Modernity Through Tradition in Contemporary Muslim Intellectual Discourse: The Neo-Ghazalian, Attasian Perspective

| M Afifi al-Akiti & H A Hellyer


Illuminative Knowledge in Mawlana Rumi

| Bilal Kuspinar


Kant and Ghazali on Human Nature: A Comparative Philosophy of Man

| Alparslan Acikgenc


Dialogue of Civilizations Through the Corridors of Faith and Mind

| Ferid Muhic


Prolegomena to West and East: Kant and Ibn Khaldun

| Ernest Wolf-Gazo


Challenges for Education in the Age of Globalization

| Marietta Stepanyants


Evolution: The Epitome of the Emerging Contemporaneous Global Civilization

| Saban Teoman Durah


Science in Adab Literature

| Paul Lettinck


Science Connecting Scholars and Cultures in Khwarazm

| Hans Daiber


Some Remarks on the Wakf Institution in the Ottoman Empire

| Mehmet Ipsirli


Islamic Capitalism and the West

| Murat Cizakca


Al-Attas' Concept of Happiness

| Amer Al-Roubaie


Thai-Iranian Reflections in History

| Ismail Marcinkowski


The Name and the Named: Hamza Fansuri's Renown in the Malay Indonesian World

| Vladimir Braginsky


Sufism and Architectural Art in the Malay World

| Salleh Yaapar


Concerning One Name Mentioned in the Tuhfat al-Nafis

| Tatiana Denisova


The Correct Date of the Terengganu Inscription

| Muhammad Zainiy Uthman & Azlan Hashim