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Lata'if al-Asrar li-Ahl Allah al-Atyar of Nur al-Din al-Raniri

by UTM
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Mohammad Zainiy Uthman

Hardback, 884 pages



An Annotated Transliteration together with a Translation and an Introduction of His Exposition on the Fundamental Aspects of Sufi Doctrines

The Lata'if al-Asrar li-Ahl Allah al-Atyar is another major work of Nur al-Din al-Raniri, the Shaykh al Islam of Acheh. It was written at the behest of Sultan Iskandar Thani of Ache in 1050 A.H./1640 A.D. Two copies of the manuscripts (dated 1248 A.H. and 1263 A.H.) found in Terengganu were used to produce an annotated transliteration from the Jawi text into Romanized Malay, a translation into English and an introduction in this book.

The Lata'if or the Spiritual Subtleties for the Swiftly Ascending People of God was written to elucidate the fundamental aspects of Sufi doctrines. It is meant as an introduction to more advanced works for the
novice on the path and a reminder for the adept.