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Letters On the Spiritual Path

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Mulay al-Arabi al-Darqawi al-Hasani




This is a collection of 272 letters of spiritual guidance written by the renowned Sufi teacher of 18th-century Morocco, Mulay al-Arabi al-Darqawi al-Hasani. 


These letters are a living example of an educative process that provided the wayfarer on the Sufic path with an integral vision of the principles, attitudes, and conduct that constitute Islamic spirituality itself and of the self-effacing comportment that leads to the experiential knowledge of the Divine (ma'rifa). They offer rare insight into the teacher/student relationship within the circles of Islamic mysticism.


These letters are singularly personal. In this regard, they are a response to those, like himself, who sought to negotiate the currents of the times without compromising themselves and their values, and are as relevant today as they were to those who so ardently sought copies of them during the Moulay's lifetime.


This translation is in clear accessible English, a must for the library of every serious student of Sufism.