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Light for the Lost Soul: Vol. 1

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Mizz Nina

Hardback, 288 pages



Seeking Contentment for the Troubled Heart



How is your heart doing? Is it well? Is it just okay? Or do you feel there is an emptiness inside that you cannot seem to run away from?


Light for the Lost Soul, written by former International Malaysian artist and debut author Mizznina, narrates the story of her spiritual discovery when she decided to embark on a journey of seeking the light of God and peace.


For her, it started with the painful process of separating the heart from everything it is attached to and finally mending the gentle heart with hopes of attaining contentment.


This first volume is interlaced with intimate reflections and guided steps that invite readers to take on the brave act of rescuing the soul from forever being in a state of loss.




Moonchild Reflection


1: The Travelling Soul

- What Is Important in Your Life?

- The Truth That Became My Wakeup Call

- Making My First Intention

- Seeing the Dunya for What It Really Is

- The First Step is Always the Hardest

- "But There's No Hope For Me - I'm Not Good Enough"

- 1/100 Mercy of Allah s.w.t.

- Perfection Only Belongs to Allah s.w.t

- Peace and Contentment Can Only Be Found with God

- Let The Heart Be at Ease Knowing Allah s.w.t will Embrace You


2: Understanding the Troubled Heart

- Why is My Heart Empty?

- The Heart is for the Creator

- A Sound Heart

- Ask Yourself: What is in My Heart Right Now?

- Master of the Body

- The Lens for the Soul: Dunya Vs Akhirah

- Fixing the Heart

- Fuelling the Heart

- This Journey for the Lost Soul is Going to be Challenging


3: Surrendering the Heart and Soul to Allah

- On Spiritual Disconnection

- Emptying the Heart from Worldly Attachments

- Losing Friends Over New-Found Spirituality?


4: Mending the Detached Heart

- First: Healing the Broke Heart with Repentance

- Second: The Soul that is Tested

- Third: Light Enters Where the Heart Breaks


Conclusion: When Contentment Seems Far Away

- When We Cannot See Allah s.w.t. and Jannah

- Praying for Contentment (Take Home Messages)