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Malays - Singapore Chronicles

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Noor Aisha Abdul Rahman, Azhar Ibrahim




This work offers a glimpse of the Malay community as it adapted to its minority status and responded to the myriad challenges of historical, social and political changes. Unlike among the Chinese and the Indians, there is remarkable cohesiveness within the community as most speak Malay and practise Islam. Yet, like the other communities, it struggles to retain its culture, tradition and values against the onslaught of urbanisation and Westernisation. With a focus on Malay leadership, education, religion, Syariah laws, language and literary tradition, this book evaluates how these aspects have evolved over the decades. Problems pertaining to the community’s socio-economic progress and future challenges are also discussed. This primer is an introduction to one of Singapore’s small yet resilient and remarkable communities.





1. Leadership: Pragmatic and Politically Integrated


2. Socio-economic Progress: Decades of Challenges


3. Education: Pathways to Socio-economic Mobility


4. Law and Legal Institutions


5. Religious Life and Tradition


6. Cultural, Literary and Language Sensibilities


7. Conclusion: Resilience in Facing Challenges Ahead


Dr Noor Aisha Abdul Rahman is currently Head of the Department of Malay Studies, the National University of Singapore.

Dr Azhar Ibrahim is a Lecturer at the Department of Malay Studies, the National University of Singapore.