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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Meadows of the Divine: 40 Prophetic Traditions on the Virtues & Rulings of the Quran

by FigTree
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Alomgir Ali

Paperback, 60 pages


Foreword by Dr. Haitham al-Haddad


Allah’s (s.w.t) speech and mighty revelation is replete with wisdom, truth and justice. Its verses are perfected by One who is perfect; it guides those who lend their ear to it from utter darkness to the full glory of its light and guides them towards and along a straight path. It is indeed the everlasting miracle.


Allah (s.w.t) says about His words:

Indeed, this Qur’an guides to that which is most suitable and gives good tidings to the believers who do righteous deeds that they will have a great reward. [17:9]


It comes as no surprise then for there to exist an extraordinary and diverse array of virtues connected to the Qur’an and for there to be alongside this a comprehensive set of rulings governing its interaction. The contents of this book will help you discover a significant portion of this and hopefully will strengthen even further your resolve to be classified amongst Allah’s (s.w.t) people: the people of His Qur’an.