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Meeting Muhammadﷺ

by Kube
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Omar Suleiman

Hardback, 260



Through 30 beautifully detailed chapters with narrations from companions, take a journey to knowing the Prophetﷺ and loving himﷺ and feel what it was like to be a companion of his in this life and strive to be his companion in the next.



1. His Appearance 

2. His Blessed Demeanour

3. Attending His Khutbah

4. Praying Behind Him

5. Sitting in His Circle

6. With Him in the Trenches

7. Celebrating With Him

8. When He Played With Your Kids

9. Inviting Him to Your Home

10. When He Joked With You

11. When You Thought You Were His Best Friend

12. When You Needed His Help

13. When No One Else Noticed

14. When He Was Angry

15. When He Saw Oppression

16. When You Thought He Cursed You

17. If You Claimed He Hurt You

18. When You Sought His Forgiveness

19. When You Became Embarrassed

20. When You Noticed His Poverty

21. When He Lost His Child

22. When He Received Revelation

23. When He Performed Miracles

24. When Jibril Met Him

25. Late Night Incidents With Him

26. When He Listened to Your Night Prayers

27. The Most Amazing Thing About Him

28. When He Prayed For Us

29. The Pain of His Death

30. Longing for His Presence