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Mansa Musa: Emperor of The Wealthy Mali Empire

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History Titans




Mansa Musa, an emperor who ruled the Mali Empire, is widely known for his wealth and royalty. To date, he is plausibly regarded as having been one of the richest people in the world, even when compared to the billionaires of the 21st century. It's believed that his total worth was around $400 billion.


He is known for his praiseworthy devotion to Islam and how he inspired trade, economic growth, and culture in Timbuktu. His contribution to the spread of Islam was highly appreciated in the community due to his constant orders to build mosques and schools that taught Koranic values He also encouraged students to enroll in Islamic universities in North Africa.


This book covers the major aspects of his life, touching on important events and milestones such as his life before the reign, his rule over the Mali Empire, his expedition to Mecca, and how this pilgrimage led to major changes in his kingdom and other parts of the world.