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Eid Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak!

Messenger: The Meanings of the Life of Muhammad

by Penguin
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Tariq Ramadan




In The Messenger: The Meanings of the Life of Muhammad s.a.w., leading Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan considers the ways in which the Prophet's actions, words and teachings can guide us in the modern world.


Interspersed with spiritual and philosophical meditations, this profound and stimulating biography shows how the Prophet's message can be used to address some of today's most controversial issues - from the treatment of the poor and the role of women to the interpretation of jihad and relations with other religions.




1. Encounter with the Sacred

2. Birth and Education

3. Personality and Spiritual Quest

4. Revelation, Knowledge

5. The Message and Adversity

6. Resistance, Humility, and Exile

7. Trials, Elevation, and Hopes

8. Hijrah

9. Medina, Life, and War

10. Teachings and Defeat

11. Tricks and Treason

12. A Dream, Peace

13. Coming Home

14. At Home, Over There

15. Debtless

In History, for Eternity