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Minhajul Abidin: The Best Way for the Worshippers

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Imam Al-Ghazali

Iqbal Hussain Ansari, translation




Widely considered to be Al-Ghazali’s last book, the Minhaj al-Abidin, is the summary of his philosophy which charts the pitfalls and obstacles to be overcome in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Dictating his words to a group of elect students, Ghazali acknowledges his own nearness to death and instructs seekers of eternal life to resist hindrances such as fear and impairments such as conceit in order to find salvation in God.


This books is considered by many as a summary of Al-Ghazali’s Ihya Ulum ad Deen (The Revival of the Religious Sciences).



One: The Value of Knowledge and Acquaintance

Two: The Valley of Repentance

Three: The Valley of Obstacles 1

Four: The Valley of Obstacles 2

Five: The Valley of Urge and Impetus

Six: The Valley of Factors Ruining Worship

Seven: The Valley of Praise and Gratitude