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Modern Hadith Studies : Continuing Debates and New Approaches

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Belal Abu-Alabbas, Christopher Melchert, Michael Dann (editors)
Paperback, 232 pages


This book is dedicated to examining the various methods and trends in Hadith Studies across the globe. Bringing together contributions from 10 scholars of Hadith, it addresses the subject from a variety of methodological vantage points and historical premises. It first looks at methods and approaches, and then presents five case studies focusing on specific questions and issues. Some of these authors seek to overturn, refine or reaffirm dominant paradigms within the field, while others look to expand its horizons in new directions. The global scope, and coverage of both longstanding debates and cutting edge methods and approaches, means this book will make a significant contribution to a controversial and challenging field.


1. Kunnā nakrahu al-kitāb: Scripture, Transmission of Knowledge, and Politics in the Second Century AH (719–816 CE) - Pavel Pavlovitch

2. The History of the adhān: A View from the Hadith Literature - Maroussia Bednarkiewicz

3. Ibn al-Mubārak, Traditionist - Christopher Melchert

4. Early ‘Traditionist Sufis’: A Network Analysis - Jeremy Farrell

5. The Common Link and its Relation to Hadith Terminology - Ali Aghaei

6. Hadith Criticism between Traditionists and Jurisprudents - Mutaz al-Khatib

7. Hadith Criticism in the Levant in the Twentieth Century: From ẓāhir al-isnād to ʿilal al-ḥadīth - Ahmad Snober

8.  The Reception and Representation of Western Hadith Studies in Turkish Academe - Fatma Kızıl

9. Can Different Questions Yield the Same Answers? Islamic and Western Scholarship on Shīʿī Narrators in the Sunnī Tradition - Michael Dann