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Modern Man at the Crossroads

by Kazi
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John Ahmed Herlihy




The Encounter of Modern Science and Traditional Knowledge


The Search for the Knowledge of First Origins and Final Ends


This work explores the hidden assumptions that define every aspect of modern scientific knowledge and shape every facet of the modern world, assumptions that amount to a kind of secular "faith" in order to bridge the gap that exists between proven facts and unprovable mysteries. The search for an understanding of the truth and for a universal synthesis of knowledge must reach beyond the edge of a strictly provable and "scientific" knowledge. This search must also express a willingness to cross unknown frontiers and expand inner horizons in order to come to terms with the essential knowledge of God that lies within the human heart as well as the heart of the cosmic universe.


"The moment of departure has arrived and the moment of decision is at hand. Modern man finds himself suspended between to distinct and dynamic world-views that have the power to transform lives and change perceptions of self, each offering alternatives that create a division between the world of science and the world of religion that will lead future man in opposite directions if they continue to proceed on separate parallel tracks. One is the path of the cerebral mind; the other is the path of the intelligent heart. Both paths demand our attention with their exotic myths of the origin man and the true nature of reality, and both lay claim to the topography of the mind, will and heart of man with a tenacity that is hard to resist."


Foreword: Reaching Beyond the Edge of Knowledge

I: The Search for Knowledge

1 Weaving the Fabric of a Scientific Knowledge

2 A Traditional Inquiry Into the Nature of the Scientific Inquiry

3 The Myths and Paradoxes of Modern Science


II: The Search fr Origins

4 Evolutionary Theory and the Implications of Evolution[ism]

5 Revising Genesis in the Light of Modern Science

6 The Rise and Fall of First Man


III: The Search for Synthesis

7 The Spiritual Compass:  I. First Origins and Primordial Source

8 The Spiritual Compass: II. Absolute Center and Final End

9 The Encounter of Modern Science and Traditional Knowledge


Afterword: Beyond the Crossroads