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Moments of Joy

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Hardback, 130 pages


"The days may seem long, but the years are short."

For what are the many years of our lives, but a collection of little moments? It's what our memories are made of; those small moments... a special someone's smile, that instance when we conquered a fear, when we felt loved, when we achieved, when we failed and tried again. Some memories shine brighter than others. They may have been long awaited moments or ones that crept up unexpectedly, but the effect is always the same, they cheer us up whenever we remember them.


Following the success of 'After Iftar Tales', Bismillah Buddies brings you 'Moments of Joy: An anthology that shares with you, stories about little moments that matter. Moments that make you smile, laugh or simply feel a warm glow inside. From innocent childhood tales to mature emotionally charged anecdotes, authors from around the world celebrate moments that make life truly beautiful and fill us with joy.