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The Mosque: Heart of Submission

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Rusmir Mahmutcehajic




The Mosque is an extended meditation on a dimension of Islam unfamiliar to most Western readers. The function of the mosque is dispersed throughout society and, indeed, throughout the natural world. The Arabic word 'masjid' means literally “place of prostration” ― the place one performs the daily ritual prayer of submission to God, so as to become a guest at the table God has sent down to manifest himself. That table is also the world’s mosque, the world as mosque.


Among the many tragic victims of the Bosnian genocide are its mosques; more than a thousand were destroyed. A part of the essential fabric of Bosnian life was changed. With this book, Rusmir Mahmutcehajic seeks to rebuild the spirit and majesty of each mosque that was destroyed, the spiritual grace it lent the Bosnian landscape.


“Beautifully composed, elegantly written and constructed, this is a primary text of Islamic spirituality, by one of the most significant Muslim European voices of our age... A book to be returned to again and again.” ― Adam B. Seligman, Boston University