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Muhammad: Messenger to Mankind

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Muhaddith al-Shām Shaykh Nur al-Din ‘Itr

Usman Ali (translation and annotation)



Translation of al-Nafahāt al-‘Itriyyah fī Sīrah Khayr al-Bariyyah


The immense significance of knowing the life of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is observed in the Declaration of Faith, for one cannot enter Islam without attesting that, ‘Muhammad s.a.w. is the Messenger of Allah.’ And one cannot truly attest to that without knowing who Muhammad s.a.w. was. Nor can one accurately comprehend the Qur’an, for his life was the context of Revelation; and one cannot claim to sincerely love him s.a.w. without knowing his life and description, just as one cannot love one who he does not know.


The present work is a translation of the celebrated Arabic text, al-Nafahāt al-‘Itriyyah fī Sīrah Khayr al-Bariyyah s.a.w, (Fragrant Breezes from the Life of Muhammad s.a.w. the Greatest of Creation), authored by the foremost Hadith authority of Greater Syria Shaykh Nur al-Din ‘Itr. A concise biography of the Prophet s.a.w, the book also provides a succinct and vivid description of his physical appearance, character traits, merits and counsel drawn from aspects of his life and character.




Part One: His Life

His Birth

His Noble Lineage

His Upbringing

His Marriage s.a.w. to Lady Khadijah r.a.

Renovation of the Structure of the Kaaba

The Descent of Revelation

Making the Public Call and Enduring Adversities

The Year of Sorrow

The Night Journey and the Ascension to Heaven

The Pledge of ‘Aqabah

The Migration

Building the Community

His Military Expeditions s.a.w.

The Settlement and the Conquest

The Establishment of Islam

His Passing Away s.a.w

His Family s.a.w

His Administration s.a.w


Part Two: His Descriptions, Traits and Message s.a.w

His Unique Physical Traits s.a.w

His Unique Innate Character Traits s.a.w

His Miracles s.a.w

His Unique Qualities s.a.w

The Perfection of his Shariah s.a.w

The Greatness of the Right of the Prophet s.a.w

Exalting the Prophet s.a.w