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Muhammad s.a.w.: the Ultimate Leader

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Dr Daud Batchelor




"This book depicts Prophet Muhammad's qualities with reference to essential Western business leadership traits in a new manner that makes sense to readers with a 'Western' outlook, including non-Muslims, as well as showing Muslims that many of his noble principles and methods that led to his success are universal from which all people can benefit. This book offers considerable insights into the personal traits (shama'il) of the Prophet SAW. It is also written in an interesting and engaging style that convincingly portrays the excellence of Prophet Muhammad's leadership qualities." – Professor Mohammed Hashim Kamali, CEO of the International Institute for Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia.


Many books abound on the Life of Islam's illustrious prophet Muhammad SAW. This book, however, addresses both Non-Muslims and Muslims alike in seeking to demonstrate from the most reliable sources about his life history, thoughts and deeds that he was indeed the No.1 leader for humanity. The book also provides confidence that we are indeed listening to the Prophet's voice related to key incidents in his life.




1. The Most Influential Person Who Ever Lived

2. Muhammad’s Multiple Leadership Roles

3. Essential Leadership Qualities as Judged by Western Standards

4. Muhmmad’s Essential Management Principles

5. The Ultimate Change Leader

6. To Follow the Ultimate Leader: Excellent Role Model and Gift of Mercy to All Humanity