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Muhammad: The Perfect Man (Third Edition)

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Muhammad Ibn Alawi al-Maliki, Khalid Williams (tr.)



Al-Insan Al-Kamil 

Sayyid Muhammad al-Alawi's seminal work 'Muhammad The Perfect Man' is a crucial contribution in strengthening and affirming the relationship between the believer and the Beloved Prophet of Allah Almighty.

This work shows in meticulous detail the character of the Prophet s.a.w; the gentle, kind, merciful, compassionate and considerate man loved by the billion and a half Muslims alive today, who in turn are following in the footsteps of countless other billions who have paved the way over the centuries gone by.

It serves as a timely reminder of the characteristics of the greatest human being that ever lived and presents an insight into the noble Prophetic way, the behavioural code of conduct –the Sunnah– of the Perfect Man.


Part One: The Perfect of His Sublime Gifts and Exalted Qualities 

Part Two: How Allah Gave Him Perfect Protection from All Flaws and Guarded Him from Enemies, Demons and Sins

Part Three: The Perfection His Magnificent Character and Noble Attributes

Part Four: The Perfection of His Glorious Feats and Unique Distinctions

Part Five: The Perfection of His Political and Military Leadership 

Part Six: The Perfection of His Ethics in Guiding and Teaching the Muslim Community, and His Kindness Towards All of Them Generally, and Towards His Family and Companions Especially 

Part Seven: The Perfection of His Law, Which Meets All Human Needs, and Can Be Applied to All Times, Without Any Alteration or Corruption