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Muslim Saints of South Asia

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Anna Suvorova
Paperback, 256 pages


The Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries


This book studies the veneration practices and rituals of the Muslim saints. It outlines principal trends of the main Sufi orders in India, the profiles and teachings of the famous and less known saints, and the development of pilgrimage to their tombs in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. A detailed discussion of the interaction of the Hindu mystic tradition and Sufism shows the polarity between the rigidity of the orthodox and the flexibility of the popular Islam in South Asia.


1. The Indian Tomb 
2. The Hermit of Lahore
3. The Old Man of Ajmer
4. The Ascetic of Pakpattan
5. The Peacemaker of Delhi
6. The Spiritual Sovereign of Multan
7. The Warrior Saints
8. The Mendicant Saints