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Muslim Cosmopolitanism

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Khairudin Aljunied




Southeast Asian Islam in Comparative Perspective


Explores the various manifestations of Muslim cosmopolitanism in Southeast Asia


Cosmopolitan ideals and pluralist tendencies have been employed creatively and adapted carefully by Muslim individuals, societies and institutions in modern Southeast Asia to produce the necessary contexts for mutual tolerance and shared respect between and within different groups in society. Organised around six key themes that interweave the connected histories of three countries in Southeast Asia – Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia – this book shows the ways in which historical actors have promoted better understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in the region. Case studies from across these countries of the Malay world take in the rise of the network society in the region in the 1970s up until the early 21st century, providing a panoramic view of Muslim cosmopolitan practices, outlook and visions in the region.




Preface: Seeing like a Muslim Cosmopolitan


Part I: Places


Chapter One: Everyday Cosmopolitanism in the Marketplace


Chapter Two: The Cosmopolitan Mosque


Chapter Three: Blogging Muslim Cosmopolitanism


Part II: Personas


Chapter Four: Cosmopolitan Muslim Public Intellectuals


Chapter Five: Hijabis as Purveyors of Muslim Cosmopolitanism


Part II: Politics


Chapter Six: Constricting Cosmopolitanism: Secular States in Muslim Southeast Asia