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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

My World of Hamd: A Reflective Book on Gratitude

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Lateefah Binuyo
Hardback, 46 pages


When Ibrahim felt upset about losing his bag, his mum reminded him to say ALHAMDULILLAH. Whenever he complains about his food or asks for more toys, his mum's reply is always, say "ALHAMDULILLAH and be happy with whatever you have."


But what does ALHAMDULILLAH mean? Why do his mum and dad always say ALHAMDULILLAH, and why does he have to say it too?


In this lyrical delightful story, Mum explains to Ibraheem how seeing and feeling HAMD brings happiness and the love of Allah!


"ALHAMDULILLAH, because only Allah deserves your praise. For his protection over you, and you are grateful for it. He keeps you safe, and you love him for it!"