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Mysteries of Charity and Fasting, Books 5 and 6 of Ihya ulum al-din

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Al-Ghazali, M Abdurrahman Fitzgerald (tr.)






The Mysteries of Charity

1: On the Different Kinds of Zakat and the Conditions Under Which it Becomes Obligatory


2: On the Payment of Zakat and Its Inward and Outward Requisites


3: On the Recipient of Charity, the Conditions Under Which Someone Qualifies for it, and the Recipient's Duty on Receiving It


4: On Voluntary Charity, Its Virtues, and the Manners Related to Receiving It and Giving It


The Mysteries of Fasting

1: On The Outward Obligations and Sunna Elements of Fasting, and What Is Required If the Fast is Broken


2: On The Mysteries of Fasting and Its Inner Conditions


3: On Voluntary Fasting and Its Order in Supererogatory Worship