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Mysteries of Prayer, Book 4 of Ihya Ulum al-Din

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Al-Ghazali, M. Abdurrahman Fitzgerald (tr.)




Kitab Asrar al-Salat


In this work, Imam al-Ghazali explains the inner and outer meanings of the ritual prayer, salat.





1 On the Merits of Prayer, Prostration, the Congregational [Prayer], the Call to Prayer, and others


2 On How to Perform the Outward Elements of the Prayer, Beginning with the Taker and What Comes Before It


3 The Inward Requisites [of the Prayer]: Practices of the Heart


4 On the Imam and [His] Example


5 On the Merts of the Friday Prayer, the Manners [Relating] to It, Its Sunna, and Its Requisites


6 Various Questions Which Are Generally Troubling to People and About Which An Aspirant Should Know


7 On Supererogatory Prayer