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Nasi: When Rice Grains Cry

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Hidayah Amin
Jafri Janif (illustration)
Hardback, 124 pages


These small rice grains that we eat… they whisper forgotten stories. Tales relating to rice grains are diverse and varied, given that nasi or rice is a staple for most people in the world. In fact, 90 percent of rice is being grown and eaten by people in Asia. One of the many stories which we might have heard when we were young was likely to be about the crying rice grains. Every rice dish has its own story. How did it come about? What is in its name? Why use a particular ingredient? What makes the dish unique? 


This book tells the stories of 12 quintessentially Malay rice dishes, eaten and enjoyed by people in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.


From Field to Table        
Philosophy of Rice    
Nasi Ambeng        
Nasi Bancaan    
Nasi Dagang
Nasi Goreng Kampong
Nasi Jenganan    
Nasi Kerabu    
Nasi Kuning    
Nasi Lemak    
Nasi Minyak    
Nasi Padang    
Nasi Rames    
Nasi Rawon    
Ketupat, Lontong, Nasi Himpit & Lemang     
Pulut the Glutinous Rice     
Pulut Kuning     
Wild About Rice     
Ini Nasi Yang Kusuap