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Navigating the End of Time

by Rigel
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Asrar Rashid
Hardback, 388 pages

Navigating the End of Time sets a course for a navigation of the dangerous ways that Armageddon-watchers have invented or twisted prophecies to their own advantage. Rashid draws on examples of how both Muslim and non-Muslim millenarians have cajoled and brainwashed followers, in many cases, to their doom. The trials and tribulations of our time are indisputable, but Rashid lays bare the fitan which are essentially a result of a our own miseducation or dependence on the products of the industrial revolution the apotheosis of which is the smart phone in our hand which completes what has been called the mass-formation (or crowd psychosis) of our 'technic society'. These he juxtaposes with the language of the Qur'an and the key prophecies of the Messenger of Allah & and what he says about the fitan of the End Times. These eschatological matters were further collected and mapped out by a few Muhaddithun and Rashid gently teaches us how to map read; 'Do not travel there until you learn to read the signs properly, and if possible find a very good guide.'



The Map
• The Gabriel Tradition
• The Realm of Similitude
• The Four Pillars
• The Slave Girl and the Bedouins
• The Development of Islamic Sciences
• The Pivotal Role of the Chapter of the Cave (Sura al-Kahf)
• Understanding Sura al-Kahf
• The Links of the Quran
• Islamic Eschatology Literature
• Disastrous Misunderstandings
• Cult Mind Control
• False Miracles and Sufi Charlatans
• The Case of Juhayman al-Utaybi
• Cults in Our Midst
• Wahhabi/Deobandi Support

The Compass
• Headings and Bearings
• Category 1: Signs that Have Occured or are Occurring