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Neoplatonism and Islamic Thought

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Parviz Morewedge

Paperback, 268 pages



This book explores, through their Neoplatonism, the philosophies of four cultures: North African, Moorish Spanish, Greek, and Islamic. Originating in North Africa, Neoplatonism became the framework for philosophical reflection in these diverse cultural settings. Neoplatonic themes like emanationism are found in all of them, despite the difficulty of reconciling such philosophical ideas with religious orthodoxy. 



I. The Context of Islamic Neoplatonism


A Critical Analysis of the Structure of the Kalam fi mahd al-khair (Liber de causis)


The Relevance of Avicennian Neoplatonism


The Neoplatonic Structure of Some Islamic Mystical Doctrines



II. Neoplatonism and Islamic Philosophy


Quiddity and Universality in Avicenna


Self-Knowing in Plato, Plotinus, and Avicenna


Al-Razi and al-Tusi on Ibn Sina's Theory of Emanation


Al-Farabi , Emanation, and Metaphysics


The Universal Soul and the Particular Soul in Ismaili Neoplatonism


The Transformation of Spiritual Substance into Bodily Substance in Ismaili Neoplatonism


The Circle of Spiritual Ascent According to Al-Qunawi


The Return to "The One" in the Philosophy of Najm Al-Din Al-Kubra


Revelation and "Natural" Knowledge of God