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On Servanthood and Repentance

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Ubayd Allah al-Samarqandi
Lejla Demiri
Hardback, 112 pages


A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation


With the intention to make Māturīdī literature more widely accessible and to contribute towards a better understanding of this rich scholarly tradition, the present study by Lejla Demiri aims to present two short treatises by ʿUbayd Allāh al-Samarqandī, a Ḥanafī and Māturīdī scholar who was active in 13th-century Damascus. The present book includes a critical edition and an annotated translation of two short treatises by Samarqandī, which have never been published before: (1) Risālat al-‘Ubūdiyya, ‘Treatise on Servanthood’ and (2) Risālat al-Tawba, ‘Treatise on Repentance’. The two treatises are being introduced, followed by a short description of the existing manuscripts, critical edition and annotated translation of each risāla.