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Palestinian Identity: The Construction of Modern National Consciousness

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Rashid Khalidi
Paperback, 352 pages


This foundational text now features a new introduction by Rashid Khalidi reflecting on the significance of his work over the past decade and its relationship to the struggle for Palestinian nationhood. Khalidi also casts an eye to the future, noting the strength of Palestinian identity and social solidarity yet wondering whether current trends will lead to Palestinian statehood and independence.


Introduction to the 2010 Reissue
1. Introduction
2. Contrasting Narratives of Palestinian Identity
3. Cultural Life and Identity in Late Ottoman Palestine: The Place of Jerusalem
4. Competing and Overlapping Loyalties in Ottoman Jerusalem
5. Elements of Identity I: Peasant Resistance to Zionist Settlement
6. Elements of Identity II: The Debate on Zionism in the Arabic Press
7. The Formation of Palestinian Identity: The Critical Years, 1917-1923
8. The "Disappearance" and Reemergence of Palestinian Identity