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The Path Of Muhammad: A Book On Islamic Morals And Ethics

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Imam Birgivi, Tosun Bayrak (tr.)




This is the first complete translation and interpretation of the Path of Muhammad: A Book on Islamic Morals and Ethics (al-Tariqah al-Muhammadiyah), composed in the 16th century by the Sufi scholar Imam Birgivi, and still in use today as an Arabic text in many of the most important universities in the Islamic world. By invoking traditional sources, this work portrays the beauty and depth of the Prophet Muhammad’s character, providing an example for all Muslims to follow. And because these virtues are universal and pertain to all people, this book offers essential wisdom to all believers.


Also included in this book is The Last Will and Testament (Vasiyyetname) of Imam Birgivi, a summary of his life’s teachings.





Foreword by Shaykh Abdul Mabud

Introduction by Vincent J. Cornell


The Last Will and Testament

The Path of Muhammad (s.a.w.s)

1. On Holding Firm to the Holy Book and the Traditions of the Prophet

2. On Pernicious Innovations

3. On Economy of Deeds

4. Belief in the Religion brought by the Prophet

5. On Knowledge

6. On Righteousness

7. On the Denial of God

8. On Self-Indulgence and Blind Imitation

9. On Sanctimony and Hypocrisy

10. On Ambition

11. On Identifying Evil

12. On Arrogance and Humility

13. On Envy

14. On Anger

15. On Forbearance

16. Relating to the Goods of this World: Avarice, Wastefulness, Generosity, Detachment

17. On Money: How to Use It and Not Waste It

18. On Careless Haste

19. On Hopelessness

20. The Use of the Tongue

21. On Listening

22. On Looking

23. On Touching

24. On Eating and Drinking

25. On Sex

26. On Coming and Going

27. Other Private and Social Offences to be Avoided