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Muslims at Work

Pearls from the Path 3

Moulana Afzal Ismail




Fascinating Anecdotes from Islamic History


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Overlooking the Shortcomings of a Spouse

Just Rulers

Fear the Curse of an Oppressed Person


Wealth is a Trial

Price of Deception

Du'a of the Oppressed

Pious Judge Admonishes King

Qari Basit's Recitation Reduces Communists to Tears

Forbearance of Nabi Converts a Rabbi

Forbidding Evil with Wisdom

Kindness of an Anonymous Stranger

Patience Earns Rewards

The Spiritual Power of Hadith

Wealth Corrupts

Jannah Purchased for One Dirham


A Criminal's Advice to Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal


Qur'an Memorised in One Month

Failed the Test

Wisdom of Imam Abu Hanifah

A Mother's Legacy

Disclosing the faults of others

The Value of Time

Death on Iman

Parent's Legacies

A Greater Fool

The Sacrifice of Life

Complaining is Counterproductive