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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Pearls of the Faith: Ninety-Nine Names of Allah

by Sandala
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Edwin Arnold, Hamza Yusuf




‘For Islam must be conciliated; it cannot be thrust scornfully aside or rooted out. It shares the task of education of the world with its sister religions, and it will contribute its eventual portion to: “that far-off divine event. / Towards which the whole creation moves.”


Composed amid Scotch mountains during a brief summer rest from politics, and with no library near at hand for references, my book has need to ask indulgence from the learned. It does but aim, however, to suggest (in poetic form) juster thoughts than sometimes prevail of Islam, of it’s founder, and of its votaries, since this thought permits the necessary sympathy.’ - Edwin Arnold’s Introduction 



‘The love and appreciation of poetry, far more widespread in Sir Edwin Arnold’s day, is unfortunately lost on many in our impoverished and illiterate post-modern culture. In light of that lamentable reality, we humbly offer this reprint of a 19th century British poet’s effort to help cleanse the doors of perception regarding Islam and hope that it may also help revive a love of such aspirational literature in these troubled times’ - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf in his Preface to this book.