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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Pink Chilli in a Bowl2

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Isabella Der Hagopian and Manuel Der Hagopian


“The beginnings of Pink Chilli in a Bowl can be traced back to an instinctive need to make a home out of a new place I’m living in… understanding how and what a city consumes regularly is a way to experience heritage, culture and the current zeitgeist.” – Isabelle Der Hagopian


Streets are a crucial city element that embodies a large part of public life and the interim nature of a city. Inspired by people who cook for us and feed us at hawker centres, coffee shops and family-run eateries, enriched by the work of photographers, writers, and designers, Pink Chilli in a Bowl narrates the interconnected stories of eateries, confectioneries, and landmarks, presenting endangered dishes and diverse architectures.