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Pocket Timeline of Islamic Civilizations

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Nicholas Badcott
Hardback, 32 pages


A handy pocket-sized reference to the distinctive artistic, scientific and political achievements of Islamic cultures from approximately the 7th to the 20th centuries AD.


- 12-page detachable foldout timeline, perfect for wall display
- For children and adults, perfect for school or home
- Colourful, clear layout
- 32-page book supports and expands on the information in the timeline
- Authoritative information and wonderful images


At the back of the book is a 12-page foldout timeline which can be detached and displayed on a wall or notice board, offering an attractive quick visual reference to the key periods, events and developments of Islamic civilisations from approximately the 7th to the 20th centuries AD.


The 32-page book offers introductions to each of the periods and dynasties, with short sections on particular themes and on the great achievements of Islamic art and culture over the centuries. Both book and timeline are richly illustrated throughout with colour photographs, including numerous objects from museum collections.



Early Islamic World AD 570-660
The Umayyads 661-750
The Abbasids 749-1258
Islamic Spain 756-1031
The Fatimids 909-1171
The Seljuqs 1038-1307
The Zengids and Ayyubids 1127-1250
The Mamluks 1250-1517
The Ilkhanids 1256-1353
The Timurids 1370-1506
The Ottomans 1299-1922
The Safavids 1501-1722
The Mughals 1526-1858