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Preparing for the Day of Judgement

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Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani




This is a unique collection of Hadith and words of advice by pious predecessors. The nature of the Hadith and advice collected here all have a number theme.


For example:


The Prophet s.a.w. was reported to have said, "The one who mocks five will lose five — the one who mocks scholars will lose his religion; the one who mocks rulers will lose this life (dunya); the one who mocks his neighbours will lose their assistance; the one who mocks the strong and mighty will lose their compassion; and the one who mocks his family will lose the joy of living."


Another example:


Al-Hasan al-Basri said: He who has no manners has no knowledge; he who has no patience has no Religion; he who has no God-consciousness has no closeness to Allah






1. Counsel in Twos


2. Counsel in Threes


3. Counsel in Fours


4. Counsel in Fives


5. Counsel in Sixes


6. Counsel in Sevens


7. Counsel in Eights


8. Counsel in Nines


9. Counsel in Tens