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Prophetic Protections: Living the Sunna of Du'a

by Tertib
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Yahya Ibrahim
Paperback, 144 pages


Prophetic Protections is a selection of du'a', or invocations, taught by Prophet Muhammadﷺ, and collected through authentic ahadith and Qur'anic verses. These du'a have been specially prescribed by our Prophetﷺ and are still to be practised to this day to gain daily protections from Allah. 


Comes with a pocket-sized du'a booklet.


1: Sending Salawat upon the Prophetﷺ
2: Protection in the Dunya and Akhirah
3: Firmness of the Heart Upon Faith
4: Supplication for Granting Good and Protection from the Hellfire
5: Invocation for Multiple Folds of Rewards
6: Spiritual Protections from the Unseen and the Apparent
7: Massive Rewards for a Heavier Scale of Good Deeds
8: Invocation for Becoming Better
9: Attaining Strength, Vigour, and Health for Our Body
10: Protection of the Unborn Child from the Touch and Harm of Shaytan
11: Treasure from the Treasures of Paradise
12: Seeking Forgiveness in Sujud
13: Establishing Sincerity in Doing Good Deeds
14: Gaining Cure from Illnesses
15: Asking Allah for Favour
16: Obtaining Protection of the Light of Allah s.w.t.
17: Repentance for Those We have Wronged
18: Facing Distress and Difficulty
19: Forgiveness of Mistakes from Day to Night
20: Protection of the Achievements in Ramadan
21: The Greatest Verse in the Qur'an
22: Remained Connected and Conscious in Relation to Allah
23: Protection of Taqwa in the Heart
24: The Master Formula of Seeking Forgiveness
25: The Gift from Allah
26: Obtaining Allah's Love