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Quranic Stories: God, Revelation and the Audience

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Leyla Ozgur Alhassen
Paperback, 184 pages


Explores the use of storytelling and narrative devices in the Quran


Leyla Ozgur Alhassen approaches the Qur’an as a literary, religious and oral text that affects its audience. She looks at how Qur’anic stories function as narrative: how characters and dialogues are portrayed; what themes are repeated; what verbal echoes and conceptual links are present; what structure is established; and what beliefs these narrative choices strengthen.


1. Introduction: A Narratological, Rhetorical Approach to Quranic Stories
2. Knowledge, Control and Consonance in Surat Āl ‘Imrān 3:33–62
3. God, Families and Secrets in the Story of Surat Maryam 19:1–58
4. Evidence, Judgment and Remorse in Surat Yūsuf
5. Merging Words and Making Connections in Surat Ṭaha
6. Surat al-Qaṣaṣ and Its Audience
Conclusions: Reading the Quran as God’s Narrative