Ramadan Reflection Card Deck
Ramadan Reflection Card Deck

Ramadan Legacy

Ramadan Reflection Card Deck

It speaks to your heart, card by card


A tool for meaningful reflection and deeper conversations.


Have we forgotten how to reflect? Do we ignore the deeper issues and trials within us? The Reflection Card Deck is a tool for personal reflection and meaningful conversations. Tafakkur is the form is reflective thinking that Allah mentions in the Qur’an. It awakens the heart and allows you to ponder over the beauty and mercy of Allah. 


Reflection is a vital step in becoming aware of what is around us and inside of us and drawing meaningful conclusions from them.


The Reflection Card Deck contains 150 reflective questions split into three categories: personal, fun and light and deep questions. Whether you are using this yourself, with your partner, or in a group, place the box in front of you and pick a card to reflect upon. 


The 150 reflective questions, rooted in authentic traditional Islamic knowledge, prompt you to think about your relationship with Allah, yourself, and those around you.