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Ramli Sarip: RASA

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Ramli Sarip

Audio CD, with booklet


This is Ramli Sarip's first studio album of new songs in about 20 years.


The Nusantara-infused blues rock sound, with melodies that span from ballad to traditional Malay and to Middle-Eastern, allow Ramli's charismatic emotive delivery to shine. But what takes the listener's breath away are the lyrics that burst with imagery of earth and sky, and explore themes of divine love, longing, respect, and faith. This is Ramli at his best. 


Track listing: 

1. Cinta di Sebalik Musim

2. Kekasihku

3. Irama Kasih

4. Ronggeng Rakyat

5. Nyayian Sejagat

6. Ayah dan Ibu

7. Orang Tua Bersidi Sakti

8. Sentosa di Kubah Hayat

9. Surat Cinta Kuala Lumpur

10. Srikandi Zaman