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Razi’s Traditional Psychology

by Kazi
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al-Razi, A.J. Arberry (tr.)

Paperback, 110 Pages



This book was published in Arabis for the first time in 1939, shows Razi as a fine psychologist as well as a supreme physician. His masterly analysis of human character and his wise prescriptions for moral reformation in the translator's clear and authoritative translation, make excellent and profitable reading. 


Selected Contents (5/20):

1. Of The Excellence and Praise of Reason

2. Of Supressing and Restrainig The Passion, With a Summary of the Views of Plato The Philosopher 

3. Summary Prolegomena To The Detailed Account of Each of The Evil Dispositions of The Soul

4. Of How a Man May Discover His Own Vices

5. Of Carnel Love And Familiarity, with a Summary Account of Pleasure